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CREDIT REPAIR for new immigrants to Canada starts with a Canadian secured credit card
Are you a new immigrant to Canada? Or moving soon to our beautiful country? Whether your current credit rating is good or bad in your homeland, that is totally meaningless as your strive to become a new Canadian. Your credit repair or rebuilding can start here with a secured credit card the day you land on our shores. [more...

CREDIT REPAIR for students in Canada starts building with a Canadian secured credit card VISA
After the difficulty of finding their first job, most students’ next biggest hurdle is establishing themselves is getting CREDIT. REPAIR of this situation can start the moment they turn the legal age in their province. At that point, students qualify for a secured credit card VISA from the only Canadian company making them available in Canada. [more... ]

CREDIT REPAIR helps newlyweds in Canada establish their credit history here
In all the excitement leading up to a wedding, financial realities can often be overlooked. After all, what is love if not blind? But CREDIT REPAIR can quickly become a harsh reality when a couple realizes their credit histories were also joined in matrimony at the altar. [more... ]

CREDIT REPAIR for divorcees and widows in Canada starts building with a Canadian secured credit card VISA
In all the pain and emotional turmoil leading up to a divorce, certain financial realities can often be overlooked. While the ex-spouses may argue about alimony and child support, CREDIT REPAIR can quickly become a harsh reality when one partner realizes she has no individual credit history. [more... ]

CREDIT LINE for entrepreneurs in Canada builds businesses with a Canadian home equity secured credit card VISA
Despite all the talk of supporting small business in Canada, most banks and credit unions don’t want to talk money with you … until you have lots to deposit. Of course, that’s long after you really needed their help. So an innovative Canadian company has created a home equity secured credit card. This VISA from Home Trust enables you to borrow up to $50,000 against the collateral of your home, but use the funds through a credit card instead of cash. [more... ]

CREDIT REPAIR after bankruptcy in Canada starts with a Canadian secured credit card VISA
The goal of an effective bankruptcy allows a Canadian individual or couple to start over financially. Once the court is satisfied a person has met all his or her legal obligations under the bankruptcy laws in Canada, they are discharged to begin the task of CREDIT REPAIR. Their best opportunity to begin that journey is through a Canadian secured credit card VISA. [more... ]

CREDIT REPAIR not a magic wand that fix your credit rating
Ontario's Consumer and Commercial Relations Ministry warns that "people who want to improve their credit ratings should know that no company can wave a magic wand to instantly raise their grades. [more... ]

PRIVACY TIPS important if you want to prevent identity theft and ID fraud
The Better Business Bureau offers many privacy tips to help Canadian consumers fight one of the fastest growing white-collar crimes in Canada – identity theft. Take the BBB’s advice to protect your privacy. [more... ]

CREDIT REBUILDING can started with Canadian secured VISA credit card 
Build or rebuild your credit history with a secured Canadian VISA credit card from Home Trust. Building a good credit history is important. If you have no reported credit history, it may take time to establish your first account. [more...]

SECURED CREDIT is best way to show Credit Bureaus you are a good credit risk
Individuals who have a poor credit rating search desperately for ways to re-establish their credit. The following are ways in which a person can borrow money if he or she has no credit. [more...]

Ontario strengthens consumer protection against CREDIT REPAIR companies
TORONTO - Changes to provide fuller protection for consumers who deal with credit repair companies came into force Feb. 11, 2002. [more...]

Helping you avoid problems in the CREDIT REPAIR marketplace
"Buy now, pay later!" The phrase had become a mantra for the young man who embraced the credit concept by purchasing everything he had ever wanted. That is, until the "later" part arrived. It brought with it misery and despair as the consumer realized he was in serious financial difficulty. There was no way he could pay his creditors on time. Eventually, he missed a number of payments. [more...]

Ontario government warns consumers to be wary of CREDIT REPAIR companies promising more than they can deliver
Credit Problems? No Problem! We can erase your bad credit - guaranteed. Credit repair companies claim to improve consumers' poor credit ratings, but the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Business Services warns consumers to be wary of advertisements promising to "fix" bad credit. [more...]


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