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Online auto loans could put a new car, truck, motorcycle or even boat onto your driveway in Canada

When it comes to buying a new vehicle – car, truck, motorcycle or boat -- most Canadian lenders – from banks to dealerships – are happy to offer consumers a secured auto loan. But in Canada, many vehicle buyers are now starting and finishing their purchases online through an electronic auto loan application. By completing the Canadian loan process through a secure Internet connection, consumers can compare rates, and ultimately pre-qualify for the secured auto loan.

Purchasing any type of vehicle will usually be the second largest investment a Canadian makes … after buying their home. It makes sense to use the Internet for what it does best, quickly provide comparative data and online auto loan applications to let your fingers do the ‘tire-kicking.’ 

Auto loans get Canadians driving towards a better life by comparing rates online

Any type of new vehicle costs thousands of dollars. Even a small drop in the interest rates offered by the bank, the dealership or your online lender can save you hundreds in interest payments. You can pocket that after-tax money, instead of losing it forever.

To determine the various factors in calculating an auto loan, you need to establish theses basic values:

  1. Price of the automobile, truck or boat;
  2. Amount of money down (or trade-in value);
  3. Any manufacturer/dealership rebates;
  4. Interest rate charged for the auto loan;
  5. How many months the loan will run;
  6. Is a balloon payout available at the end?

Once you’ve fed those time and money variables into an auto loan calculator, you can determine the monthly payment and its impact on your budget. If the payment doesn’t fit your financial situation, you might be able to stretch the payments, increase the balloon payout, or increase your initial down payment. All these changes can happen painlessly and quickly in the privacy of your own home, without baring your fiscal soul to a complete stranger in finance department. Give the Canadian online auto loan application a chance to win your vehicle business before you look elsewhere.

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Payday Loan application to get that fast cash you need before your next pay day. In B.C., you can also take out a loan against the value of the vehicle. Drive your car, van, truck or motorcycle to Surrey for on-the-spot appraisal and re-financing.

auto loans

Canadian Credit Center Loan News

Car Loan: How much to borrow?

The car loan amount will be determined by the sale price of the vehicle less how much you place as a down payment

Beware of the other costs before you decide how much of a car you can afford.

This includes car insurance, taxes, and options as an extended warranty.

Every item you add to your loan will increase the total amount of the loan. That means you will be paying more interest on the amount you finance.

Options to a Fast Loan?

Will a small bank or credit union loan give you a rate of interest less than cash advance payday loans?

Can you use a credit card for a cash advance? The interest rate on your credit card is sometimes less than a cash advance.

Will your creditors give you an extension?