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IMMIGRATION CANADA: Credit Repair for new immigrants to Canada starts with a Canadian secured credit card

Are you a new immigrant to Canada? Or moving soon to our beautiful country? Whether your current credit rating is good or bad in your homeland, that is totally meaningless as your strive to become a new Canadian. These questions are often asked of Immigration Canada. Your credit repair or rebuilding can start here with a secured credit card Canadian VISA the day you land on our shores.

That’s right. Whether you’re coming from the USA, Mexico, Great Britain, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand or other continental parts of Europe, the Americas, Asia or Africa, you qualify for a secured credit card immediately upon crossing customs through Immigration Canada.

For many immigrants new to North America, they seldom realize how much our economy is driven by credit. Canadians on average owe upwards of $1,600 in credit card bills, in addition to vehicle loans and home mortgages. In fact, many purchases cannot take place without a credit card, including car rental, hotel stays, airline tickets and most online buying. 

But trying to obtain that first unsecured credit card without a Canadian credit history is almost impossible. Those who have already tried to go their local bank or credit union know what I’m talking about …sadly. These lending institutions are NOT interested in your credit business without a suitable Canadian credit rating. No matter how good your credit history in your former homeland.

That’s where Credit Repair can help you. Take out a secured credit card, guaranteed by a security deposit.  This security deposit is fully refundable.  This deposit can be as low as $1,000 CDN and up to $10,000 CDN.  This allows you to enjoy all the benefits and responsibilities of a reputable VISA credit card, while at the same time establishing your credit history with the two credit bureaus in Canada – Equifax and Trans Union.

Investigate for yourself how Credit Repair with a Secured Credit Card like the Home Trust VISA can help build a better future for you and your family in Canada. And Immgration Canada welcomes to our country!

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Credit Repair for Immigrants to Canada


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