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Need a Canadian credit card?? Want your own Credit Report in Canada? Need other online financial products and services only for Canadians such as personal loans, mortgages, payday loans, or credit counselling? You've arrived at the right place!

Canadian Credit Center strives to bring you the best financial products and services available online in Canada.

Rather than surfing through a sea of American websites, all offering irrelevant credit cards, mortgages, loans, insurance and reports, you can now easily find just those lending companies on both sides of the border that want Canadian customers. Bookmark Canadian Credit and come back often as we add new Canadian financial merchants with unique credit cards, mortgages, fast cash, insurance quotes and other miscellaneous offers for Canadians only.

Here's where you start finding the right financial products and services to fit your situation. Canadian Credit Center provides the latest and most vital information, along with online applications, for secured and unsecured credit cards, home mortgages, personal loans, debt consolidation, payday loans, credit counseling, auto loans, and many other miscellaneous services in Canada. You've come to CanadianCreditCentre for the financial facts, now stay for the best in fiscal online information.

Use the Canadian Credit Center to discover specific financial products and services available only in Canada

Looking for a Canadian credit card but have credit problems? Canadian Credit Centre recommends you rebuild your credit with a secured VISA credit card or MASTERCARD that starts you back on the path to good credit again.

Not sure what the lenders see when they review your credit history? Canadian Credit Center offers you made in Canada credit reports that shows exactly what fiscal facts are kept on file with Canadian credit bureaus. Discover your credit score. The results may surprise you.

Concerned about identity theft or ID fraud -- the fastest growing crime in North America? Protect yourself with 24/7 credit monitoring that let's you know immediately when anyone uses your good name and credit history to apply for a credit card, loan or mortgage in Canada!

Need to renew your mortgage, consolidate your debts, take out an auto loan, or even get a short-term payday advance? Canadian Credit Center’s lending partners offer flexible ways for you to get the money you need for the purposes you specify, based your unique financial situation and qualifications. 

Looking to establish credit or in need of credit repair?  You could be if you are a discharged bankrupt, a new immigrant to Canada, a student just starting out in adult life, newlyweds trying to establish your first home together or a newly single divorcee? Perhaps an entrepreneur having trouble getting credit from your local bank. Credit Repair in Canada is done best in just one way … a secured VISA credit card or MASTERCARD for Canadians.

Frustrated by the rising cost of Canadian insurance for your home, life and automobile? Fight back with free insurance quotes from Canada's leading insurance companies. Make sure you're getting the best deal possible for your insurance in Canada!

Intimidated by the prospect of preparing your income taxes every year? Get free help online preparing your Canadian income tax return electronically from Dr. Tax. You only pay $12.95 when you are ready to NetFile your return directly to Canada Revenue Agency (formerly Revenue Canada). It's fast, easy and inexpensive way to prepare your taxes and get your refund cheque quicker.

The results from the Canadian Credit Center will vary from thousands of dollars saved in interest payments to students taking their first steps toward establishing a great credit history.

Please take your time and look around The Canadian Credit Center. This web site is built by Canadians for Canadians seeking online Canadian financial products and services. 

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Living in the USA?

Need U.S. financial services & products? Visit American Credit Center pages for Credit Reports & Scores, Credit Cards, Loans and Income Tax Preparation for the IRS.

Credit Advice for Canadians

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Credit Report Canada wants to empower citizens with their own Canadian credit report. You are certainly entitled to know where you stand with any bank, credit card company or other lending institution [more...]

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When looking a ways to achieve financial freedom, people typically look at two solutions: debt consolidation and debt settlement. The two paths are different ways to begin your journey back to credit-worthiness. [ more... ]

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If you are still shopping your mortgage at just one bank … STOP! Even if you’ve been a valued customer for years, your bank manager still has his employer’s interests at heart when selling you their mortgage. You could phone around to other banks and credit unions, but would still not cover nearly all the lending institutions that WANT your mortgage business. [ more... ]

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Getting set up with online account access is relatively easy, providing you have an internet connection, an employer that offers direct deposit and personal finance software [more...]

Canadian Credit Repair Advice
Are you a new immigrant to Canada? Or moving soon to our beautiful country? Whether your current credit rating is good or bad in your homeland, that is totally meaningless as your strive to become a new Canadian. Your credit repair or rebuilding can start here with a secured credit card the day you land on our shores. [ more... ]

Canadian Credit Card Offer
Discover the Canadian Credit Card Offer that's right for you. Once you review your credit history and debtload, you will learn which VISA, MasterCard or American Express credit card in Canada that is best for your financial situation. [ more... ]

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